Jackson Musgrave’s Time at 澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址 Planted a Seed that Grew Into a Budding Christmas Tree Empire

Growing up in Bedford, NH, Jackson, the second-eldest of five boys in the Musgrave family, was unsure of his next steps after high school. He spent the months following graduation working a series of odd jobs with a moving company, officiating youth hockey games and selling Christmas trees. Little did he know, the latter experience […]


Program Overview Paramedics are highly-trained emergency medical technicians qualified to perform various medical treatments and life-saving procedures. If you are thinking about a career in healthcare and emergency medicine, and enjoy a fast-paced work environment, you might want to consider a career as a paramedic. As a paramedic, you’ll have the opportunity to make a […]

澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址 Hosts SkillsUSA and Four Finalists Advance to Nationals

Lakes Region Community College (澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址) partnered with White Mountains Community College (WMCC), the NH Auto Dealers Association (NHADA) and SkillsUSA NH to host the first combined 2023 Transportation SkillsUSA Competition for high school students interested in automotive careers. On Friday, March 17, 40 students from high schools across the state motored to 澳门威利斯人娱乐官方网址 to showcase […]

e-Commerce Basics

Electronic commerce (ecommerce) is an industry where the buying and selling of products and services are conducted online. In this course students develop an ecommerce site using a standard CMS system with an e-commerce plug-in. Students are exposed to the development and management of inventory, creating sales items, shipping options, accepting payments, and how to […]

Hotel and Lodging Operations

This course deals with lodging operations such as hotel, motels, inns and bed-and-breakfast operations. It considers the operational structure of the property and the functions of the individual departments including the front office, sales, housekeeping, engineering and maintenance, catering, and food and beverage operations. The standard budgeting, pricing and control processes of the lodging industry […]

Introduction to Computerized Accounting

This course will introduce students to computerized accounting systems using QuickBooks Pro and an educational version of an integrated accounting system. The accounting procedures done manually in Accounting I will now be performed on the computer using accounting software that is currently being used in business and industry. Students will set up and perform routine […]

Business Law I

Origins of law, federal and state court systems, classification of criminal and tort law; a working knowledge of the law of contracts, and sales and consumer protection as applied to everyday usage.

Principles of Marketing

This course studies product, pricing, promotion and channels of distribution. Marketing in retail, wholesale, service and manufacturing companies.

Social Media Marketing

This course will examine the use of social media marketing today. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use social media to market a business, and/or themselves as business professionals. Attention will be focused on efforts used through the Internet to connect and network with customers and other businesses through digital channels. […]

Accounting Applications for Hotels and Restaurants

This course emphasizes the operation and integration of accounting applications with an emphasis on managerial accounting and its adaptation to industry standards. Point of sale, payroll, inventory, front desk and general ledger functions will be discussed, and hands-on applications will be explored. Budgeting, purchasing and staffing will be the topics of project simulation. Topics covered […]

Business Management

Program Overview Business is one of the most popular fields of study in college.  Business graduates are in high demand, and business touches upon just about every aspect of society. An AS in Business Management from Lakes Region Community College will prepare students for entry-level jobs upon graduation, or transfer to a four-year college.  Students […]

Electrical Systems Installation and Maintenance

Program Overview The ESIM program provides the skills and education needed for employment opportunities in the Electrical Industry as Electricians or Technicians in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments.  Graduates find upward mobility and good wages in an industry that is undergoing rapid expansion with fewer workers available. The Industry offers a wide range of jobs […]